Samuel Elliott

21 year old web developer in Milton Keynes, UK.

I design websites and play with code, servers and smart home stuff.

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Nintendo-related projects.

Nintendo Switch app APIs Open source ,

Show your Nintendo Switch presence in Discord, get friend notifications on desktop, and download and access SplatNet 2, NookLink, SplatNet 3 and Parental Controls data.


Software for TV platforms and processing and presenting TV data.

GitLab Fork Download
Live TV

An Apple TV app for watching live TV from Tvheadend and other sources.

React TV Guide Open source

An Android TV Live Channels-like Electronic Programme Guide for React and React Native applications.

Related: epgdata.

React Native TV Focus Manager Open source

React Native tvOS and Android TV library to improve focus management with multiple screens.

Home automation

Home automation software and Homebridge plugins.

Home Automation Server Open source ,

Home automation system based on Homebridge.

Electron Home App Open source Experimental ,

Simple Electron wrapper for the hap-server web interface.

I intend to replace this and the current hap-server web interface itself with a React Native app, which when bundled with hap-server will be preconfigured to connect to it.

Remote Access Open source Experimental ,

Secure remote access to hap-server and Homebridge web interfaces.

This project only includes the tunnel client and a hap-server/Homebridge plugin. I haven't set up the tunnel server ( yet.

PAM Authentication Handler Open source ,

PAM Authentication Handler for hap-server.

AirPort plugin for Homebridge Open source ,

Homebridge plugin for Apple's AirPort base stations.

Android TV HomeKit Open source ,

HomeKit service for Android TVs. This runs on the TV itself instead of as a Homebridge plugin.

This currently only works with Philips Android TVs, but other TVs can be supported by returning a different implementation of the TV specific classes.

Vestel TV Network Remote plugin for Homebridge Open source

Homebridge plugin for controlling Vestel smart TVs.

Sky+ plugin for Homebridge Open source

Homebridge plugin for controlling a Sky+ box as a TV.

Apple protocols

Projects implementing network protocols created by Apple, or communicating with Apple services.

node-acp Open source

A Node.js implementation of the management protocol of Apple's AirPort devices.

Related: AirPort and acp-php.

acp-php Open source

A PHP implementation of the management protocol of Apple's AirPort devices.

Related: AirPort and node-acp.

Media Remote Protocol Server Open source Experimental

A server implementation of Apple's Media Remote protocol used in the Apple TV Remote for tvOS 9 and later.

Related: node-appletv (client implementation).

iCloud API Open source Experimental

Unofficial API for accessing iCloud data.

iCloud Drive Filesystem Open source Experimental

Mount iCloud Drive as a local filesystem.


BetterDiscord plugins and other Discord-related projects.

Related: BetterDiscord and Nintendo Switch app APIs.

GitLab Website
APT Repository for Discord

Update Discord with system packages.

Packages are indexed automatically every day and are served from - not mirrored.

This was created to use with BetterDiscord v2 - as that hasn't been updated recently I've disabled the update script for this repository.

Atom Discord Presence Open source

Discord Rich Presence for Atom.

Discord Keybase Integration Open source

Adds Keybase proofs to Discord.

Discord Module Search Open source

Adds a panel to BetterDiscord v2's settings menu which lists Discord's internal modules.

Download More RAM for Discord Open source

Is Discord using too much memory? Now you can download more quickly without leaving Discord!

BetterDiscord CSS fixes Open source Discontinued

Makes the BetterDiscord settings pages look just like Discord's own settings pages.

This is now quite old and only works properly with an older version of the original BetterDiscord (~ 10/2017).

BetterDiscord Hide Sidebars Open source

Hides sidebars in Discord so you have a little extra space and a cleaner view. Show them again by hovering over them. Supports both BetterDiscord v1 and BetterDiscord v2.

Discord VIPs Open source for BDv2 with custom groups.


User content websites.

GitLab Website
SpeechMore Free Discontinued

SpeechMore is a secure, privacy respecting and pro-freedom of speech social network.

Website Free Discontinued

Social website built on Asteroid. It's accessible at You currently need an invitation code to register. This hasn't been updated in a while and currently does not work. v4 Free Discontinued

Older version of


Various PHP and JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

OAuth Client Open source

An OAuth 2.0 Client library with built-in support for Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, GitHub, LinkedIn & more.

node-saltpack Open source ,

Node.js implementation of Keybase's Saltpack encrypted messaging format.

import { encryptAndArmor } from '@samuelthomas2774/saltpack';

const message = 'Hi!';
const key: tweetnacl.BoxKeyPair = ;
const recipients: Uint8Array[] = ;

const encrypted = await encryptAndArmor(message, key, recipient);

php-saltpack Open source ,

PHP implementation of Keybase's Saltpack encrypted messaging format.

use Saltpack\Encryption;

$message = 'Hi!';
$key = ;
$recipients = ;

$encrypted = Encryption::encryptAndArmor($message, $key, $recipients);

Asteroid Open source Discontinued

A PHP web application framework with advanced features such as Database Objects, Package Manager, mail sending, subcontrollers, a URL router, Twig integration and more. This hasn't been updated in a while and does not work on the latest version of PHP.

Asteroid Database Objects Discontinued

Database Objects is a feature of Asteroid - it is currently private. It's used in

jQuery Emoji Open source

A library for quickly adding text emoji support to your site.

jQuery Icons Open source

A library for quickly adding icons to your site. Icons from these libraries are supported:

  • jQuery UI Icons
  • Glyphicons
  • Font Awesome
  • Framework7 Icons
  • Ionicons
  • Typicons
  • Foundation Icons
  • Metro UI Icons
  • Elusive Icons

Contributing to

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BetterDiscord v2



Research into Apple's AirPort devices.

Related: node-acp and acp-php.

The Walnuts Pi

School projects with Harry Carrigan.

That's the final score there.

Tor Relay fancyorguk01

My Tor relay running on


Business websites

Emily Elliott's Fine Art

A website I made to showcase my mum's artwork.

C Elliott Building Ltd

A website I made to advertise my dad's business.

Contact me

You can contact me here or using my email address If you want to report a non-sensitive issue with my open source projects please use GitHub/GitLab Issues.

S/MIME certificates and PGP keys are available here.